Friday, July 07, 2006

" Househusband" by Ad Hudler

Linc Menner had it all : gorgeous career wife,Jo, spacious home, a daughter,Violet, with an IQ bordering on genius, bustling landscaping business, well-trained nanny, full checkbook, and a well-stocked refrigerator. What more could a man want? Little did Linc know his world was about to come crashing down around his well-heeled feet.

Jo Menner earned a significant promotion, along with a transfer from warm,sunny California, to the icy blizzards of the Northeast. Linc has a strong aversion to daycares, believing,not only do they rot your child's teeth and cause diaper rash and lice infestations, but also rot their brain. Nannies that are reliable and trustworthy are hard to come by, so Linc makes the monumental decision to be a stay-at-home dad. Little does he know he is entering that world where the fine line between sanity and complete mental breakdown blurs on a good day,and on a bad day is indistinguishable - the home.

Linc fast dives into the business of being a house-husband, attempting to master potty-training and the alphabet at the same time, while searching for a 'worthy' career. Numerous challenges come his way: the hot housemama next door, the 'bum from the slum' nanny and her drug-dealing, prison-inhabiting pals, being the 'non-earner' in a distinctly masculine world, and attempting to convince the paranoid women of the town he is not out to molest innocents, but rather to train (and learn from) his daughter.

Househusband serves as a source of enlightenment to the male species as a whole, and a source of encouragement, hilarity, and commiseration to the female housewife population.

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