Monday, July 31, 2006

"Princess in Training"

"Princess in Training" by Meg Cabot
ISBN 0-006-009615-2
Reviewed by Shaley Melchior 7/06
4.5 stars

Mia is back! She's starred in 7 books, 2 movies, and several self-help guides. And her life is still topsy-turvy. In the latest edition of her escapades, we rejoin Mia in the crazy, wonderful world of....wait for it.... high school! 10th grade to be exact. And she hasn't a CLUE what's going on.

1. Her best friend nominates her for student body president...only because she can't nominate herself.

2. Said best friend's geeky ex-boyfriend comes back from summer vacation...(gasp) HOT!! Majorly Hot. Which instantly sends said best friend into tailspin.

3. Geometry is supposed to be the perfect subject for those who can't understand why does it not make any sense??

4. Boyfriend is in college. What's the use in dressing up anymore? Who's to see the effort put forth?

5. Best enemy takes it upon herself to inform Mia in the dessert line of the cafeteria that college boys leave their girlfriends if they don't Do It. Ewwww.

6. How to tell said boyfriend that this princess has no desire to Do It?

7. And, umm, there was that tiny matter of dumping 10,000 snails in the Genovian Harbor in the dead of night to eat killer algae...and the teensy-tinsesy matter that Genovia might be kicked out of the European Union for it.

8. How a princess supposed to stay SANE under these circumstances?????

Once again, Meg Cabot delivers a deliciously funny work suitable for almost any taste. Princess in Training works on every level. Mia can be every girl's best friend, and speaks for those of us who have never been popular or pretty. WELL DONE!!


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