Monday, August 14, 2006

Review of "Princess on the Brink"

Princess on the Brink
Meg Cabot
4 stars
ISBN 0060724560
On Sale Date: 01/02/07

How do you spell princess? D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R

In the latest addition to Meg Cabot's hit series, "The Princess Diaries", Mia is now a junior in high school. She has completed her year as student body president and has made it thru Algebra and Geometry. And Michael is still her boyfrend. As Lana was a bit off about what college bos expect from their girlfriends, or else Michael (as we know) is just a great, out-of-the-ordinary guy. So life for Mia is finally settling down, right? Ermmm... no.

First off, Mia decides a haircut is in order. How was she supposed to know that she would end up looking like a cotton swab? Then Lily decides that since Mia didn't turn over her student body president-ship as planned last year, she will just have to nominate Mia for a second term. But those are minor problems, although they sure don't seem like it to Mia when it is happening. Little does she know what major event is about to happen.

Michael is leaving. For Japan. For a year. And he's excited. What nerve!He has a once-in-a-lifetime chance to work on a powerful robotics arm for surgeons to use to perform closed-chest open-heart surgery. Naturally, this throws a major, major wrench in Mia's plans. So, what is a Princess to do? Start making plans to get Michael to forget the whole robotics arm in Japan for a year deal, and stay happily close by, where Mia can keep him out of the clutches of all those hot Japanese women.

Mia tries all the normal tricks first, coaxing, cajoling, pleading, crying, whining. Nothing works. Michael is determined to take this amazing opportunity, and will not be discouraged. So Mia decides to offer up the ultimate sacrifice and seduce Michael, with the hopes he will decide to stay. After all, he IS a college guy, and has to be tired of all those cold showers.

Will Mia succeed, or will she 'chicken out'? What amazing move does Grandmere make to help Mia on her quest to 'save' Michael? What about Mia's 2 lab buddies? Will they muck up the picture a bit?

Meg Cabot delivers yet another charming and hilarious peek into the life of unlikely princess of Genovia, Mia Thermopolis. Fans of The Princess Diaries will not be disappointed by this book arriving in January 2007.

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