Saturday, September 23, 2006

Review of "Half of an Elephant"

Half of an Elephant
ISBN 9781933605098
Available Here

Argentinan artist Gusti delivers a humorous tale of an elephant that loses it's back half after an earthquake that splits the world in two. What follows is a hilarious look at the journey of an elephant that is determined to either find or replace his back half. He talks with many other animals who have also lost their back halves. Meanwhile, Elephant's backside is meeting many other backsides of animals, who are also trying to find their frontsides.

Gusti uses digital photos of items that are typically discarded, with great success. Adults may enjoy this book as much as, or perhaps more so that children, as adults will appreciate the items used in the pictures, and enjoy identifying them. Children will, doubtless, enjoy the humor that is laced throughout the story, as it is a very comical book. This book would be a great addition to your coffee table, as a conversation piece, and also to your child's nightstand, to enjoy for years to come.

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