Friday, September 01, 2006

Review of "Neck Deep"

Neck Deep
Ken Barnett


Reviewed by Shaley Melchior

Author and EMT Ken Barnett shares with the reader his life-changing, deeply emotional experiences as a flight paramedic in this inspiring new autobiographical novel. Once the reader opens the books, they are drawn into the day by day life of an EMT. As one of the medical profession, Barnett shows what self-sacrifice truly is, as he and his team battle time and the elements to save as many lives as possible. During the 1990s, Barnett and his team formed the first and only helicopter rescue team in the Arkansas River Valley area, and began the awe-inspiring and courageous life of flight paramedics in an area where they previously weren't available, and the reader can not help but feel moved by the tales of rescue, survival, and hope presented withing the pages of this book. Barnett shows the human side of a profession that is often portrayed as being cold and uncaring. This book, in my opinion, should be required reading of anyone that may be seeking to pursue a medical career, as well as those of us who admire this highly trained group of professionals.

(Please note- Amazon has recently changed their requirements for those wishing to post you must first make a purchase to have your name with your review. I have not had a chance to purchase anything, so for this review, I used the "A Kid's Review" feature. In this way, the review was posted, unfortunately, my name was not under it, of course. Oh well. :) )

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