Saturday, September 23, 2006

Review of "Say Please!"

Say Please!
Tony Ross
Published by Kane/Miller
ISBN 9781933605166
Available Here

The Little Princess has a problem. She forgets to say please! Fortunately, she has a bit of help to remind her... everyone from her mama, the Queen, to the chef, the guard, and even the slighty-scary-yet-lovable blue monster. And, in the end, she even teaches the blue monster something!

In this hilarious sixth book of Tony Ross' "Little Princess" series, children get a dose of positive reinforcement with the help of an adorable cast of a royal family and their help. The book has charming illustrations, with the emotions of the Princess clearly illustrated.

Children of all ages will enjoy this charming tale, freshly imported from England, where it has enjoyed eleven years of success. Now, we in America can too enjoy this book, which is a must for any home library or classroom.

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