Saturday, September 23, 2006

Review of "Will You Carry Me?"

Will You Carry Me?
Heleen van Rossum
Illustrations by Peter van Harmelen
ISBN 9781933605227
Available Here

Fresh from the Netherlands comes a delightful tale of a child who becomes tired on his way home from the park, and all the tactics his mother comes up with to distract his tired little legs.

It's been a long day for Thomas. He has spent a long, fun-filled morning at the park, and now, it's time to go home. He asks his mommy to carry him. His momy tells him that perhaps, since he is too tired to walk, he should try some other ways to get home. Thomas and Mommy jump, swim, fly, and run all the way home, where it's time for Mommy to collapse, tired, on the couch with Thomas.

The prose is sweet, and the illustrations are impeccable.I enjoyed this book with 4 children between the ages of 3 and 9, and all of us wished the book was not ending. We laughed all the way through the book. This book, to me, is one of the best children's books I've had the priviledge to read this year, or, quite possibly, one of the best books of any genre that I've read this year. At an affordable price of only $3.99, this book should be a staple on every home, school, and library shelf, as well as the coffee tables of every person that has or loves children. Very highly recommended!

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