Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Retro... now delicious!

Retro Breakfast
Linda Everett & Richard Perry
Available here
ISBN # 1888054875

A few nights ago, I was trying to find something,anything!, for dinner besides pasta. Hmm, something baked sounds good, so I pulled out my stack of trusty cookbooks. Nothing sounded appealing, however, so I thought I would browse through "Retro Breakfast" for something to bake. And, boy, did I ever find it! Page 94, Mother's Cinnamon Flop. I adore cinnamon rolls, and this recipe is, basically, one huge cinnamon roll. It's soooo good, it's already become a classic in our home! I altered it a tiny bit, I mixed up some powdered sugar and milk frosting and poured it over the top, and suddenly, I had a cinnamon delight that will rival, and beat ANY cinnamon roll in a can, any old day!

I also love the style of "Retro Breakfast". As the title suggests, the whole book has a retro, 1940s-1950s feel to it. It has vintage illustrations, and even a few vintage advertisements sprinkled throughout. The names of the recipes have a retro, homestyle flair to them, and many are very simple to make. The instructions are clear, and the background illustrations add depth and warmth, rather than detract from the recipes. This is a very fun cookbook, and is certainly one that every lover of vintage art, recipes, or even just of good food should add to their cookbook shelf, or even your coffee table!

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