Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Review of "Amelia's Guide to Gossip"

Amelia's Guide to Gossip
Marissa Moss
ISBN # 9781416914754

Hip, Hip, Hooray! Amelia's back! The star of multiple journals brings us her latest guide to life, this time a journal about gossip in all forms.

With guidelines for avoiding gossip, using it to your advantage, limiting the spread of gossip, and much,much more, "Amelia's Guide to Gossip" is yet another must-have book from bestselling writer Marissa Moss.

The book has all the charm and charisma that have endeared thousands of girls (and even some boys!) to the ageless heroine, Amelia. Amelia seems to be a bit more long-winded in this book, but, even so, it held my attention from beginning to end. And, I"m not even in the recommended age demographic! I, along with many other girls, have grown up reading about Amelia's escapades, and this book doesn't disappoint. A very highly recommended read!

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