Saturday, October 21, 2006

Review of "Kimmie's Closet - A Fun Fashions Coloring Book"

Kimmie's Closet
Yvonne Green-Evans
ISBN # 1425914225
Available Here

Nearly every little girl, at some point in their lives, longs to be THE next big fashion designer. My friends and I doodled for hours upon hours, crafting countless numbers of wedding dresses, ball gowns and even a swim suit now and then. Of course, our dreams were only realized on paper, but more many this for of self-expression is a rite of passage for young girls on their way to womanhood.

Something always drove me crazy, though. I could never get the body shape under the dress looking right! Something was always off - an arm, a leg, etc. Now, there is a coloring book that is ideal for all young girls who have the aspiration to design fine clothing.

"Kimmie's Closet" contains over 90 pages of black and white line drawings, ready for a girl's touch. The line format makes it possible for a child to fill in the dresses and shoes any way they wish, using crayons, pencils,markers, or any other drawing tool. The reverse sides of the drawings are blank, and there are ample spaces for the child's name, the date, and even the name of their creation.

All around, I found that "Kimmie's Closet" is a very charming book that may inspire countless young girls and young women to follow their fashion dreams, or at least have a very fun time creating all sorts of beautiful pictures. I recommend that this book will be a great gift for the little girls in your life.

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Anonymous said...

Kimmie's Closet is an astounding fashion coloring book for young girls.

The book reminds me of the cut-out fashion book I had as a young child. I hope the author takes her book to this next level.

The lines in the dresses are delicately etched, and show the true talent and taste of this author.

I encourage anyone who has seen a flare for fashion in a young girl or teen to purchase a copy of this book.

In addition to being a great coloring book, it also has wonderful samples of formal, and semi-formal outfits.

I purchased 3 copies. One for each of my granddaughters, and one for me!