Friday, November 24, 2006

Review of "Dora the Explorer - The Essential Guide"

Nick Jr's Dora the Explorer: The Essential Guide
Brian J. Bromberg
DK Publishing
ISBN 0756620279

Dora the Explorer has quickly became one of TV's hottest tots, and for good reason. What's not to love about a bilingual, musical, fun-loving preschooler? Add in exciting adventures, friends of all ages, colors, sizes, and languages, and you have a TV show guaranteed to please both children and their parents.

DK Publishing, publishers of many how-to guides on nearly every conceivable subject under the sun, have now brought a guidebook designed for children to love, parents to learn more about the show with, and for parents and children to enjoy together.

This book covers all of the characters frequently seen on Dora's TV show, including Diego, her pal that now has his own show, the musical trio that trumpets whenever Dora completes a task successfully, and many other characters children (and parents!) may be curious about. The guide contains Spanish all throughout it, so many children whose parents may not have the required time to help their children learn a second language, or those parents that haven't the funds to hire a tutor for the children, will be immersed in this beautiful language as well.

This book is recommended for, of course, lovers of Dora, as well as classrooms and libraries nationwide.

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