Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Review of "Plateau Province - A High Desert Portfolio"

Plateau Province - A High Desert Portfolio
Tom Till
Fable Valley Pubs.
ISBN 0971255512
Available Here

Tom Till presents another unforgettable compilation of photography in this work, "Plateau Province". Till takes us to the American Southwest region, and we are taken on a tour of the high deserts of that area. The reader marvels at the photography presented here. In some cases, desert seems to be the wrong name for this incredible area... wildflowers and waterfalls are abundant in some areas. Yet, in other areas, the starkness of the landscape astounds the reader. The colors are rich, the photography is flawless, and Till's work reminds us how small we truly are... there are rock formations that have stood for generations before us, and will continue for generations after we are gone and forgotten. This reader concludes that this book is very well rounded, and a must-read.

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