Thursday, November 02, 2006

Review of "Revealed"

Tamera Alexander
ISBN 0764201093
Release Date: November 6,2006
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Tamera Alexander has followed her haunting first novel, "Rekindled", with a book of even greater magnitude, and it is, unbelievably, even more touching and heartwarming than her debut novel.

In "Revealed", we revisit some familiar characters. We meet up again with Kathryn and Larson, albeit briefly, and discover that their love, tried by fire, is not diminishing, but rather, they have a greater love than they may have, before their tribulations, thought possible. We are reaquainted with Matthew Taylor. The reader may recall that he was the man that fell in love with, and helped care for, Kathryn after Larson was presumed dead. We also remeet Annabelle Grayson. She became one of Kathryn's friends while they both were living as prostitutes, however unwillingly it was.

Annabelle has married Matthew's brother in an effort to escape from her life of servitude to men. While he knows that Annabelle has no real love for him, her husband understands her feelings, and loves her wholeheartedly, without any request for a return of his love. This,of course, grieves Annabelle, as she recognizes the self-sacrificing actions of this man, and is unable to love him with her whole heart.

Matthew is not pleased about the marriage, however. He recognizes the reasons Annabelle married his brother, and feels she is using him only for her own purposes. In fact, he feels she used the wiles she learned in her previous occupation to seduce his brother, and will tire of him quickly. After all, if she was willingly a prostitute, why would she now wish to be confined to one man? The brothers quickly become astranged.

Suddenly, Annabelle's husband dies. She now realizes that she did love, perhaps more than seh could say, but it is,of course, too late to tell him so. Her husband has left her land in Idaho, and she decides to begin life afresh there. She decides that as a single woman traveling alone, it would be best for her to find a trustworthy guide to lead her to Idaho.

Matthew, not realizing who has placed the ad, applies. To his chagrin, Annabelle is the person needing his guidance. After much arguing, debate, and second thoughts, he agrees to accompany her. There is a strong undercurrent of attraction between them, which they both mistake for dislike.

Will they discover their growing attraction to each other? And will Matthew ever understand that Annabelle didn't wish to be a prostitute, and forgive her for marrying his brother?

Alexander crafts yet another timeless, inspiring novel that will haunt the reader for a long time to come. It is so very well written that this reader feels that Alexander will quickly become a classic in inspirational fiction, the next Lori Wick, Janette Oke, or Tracie Peterson. One of my absolute favorite books, this ranks as one of my top picks of 2006.

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