Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Review of "Utah - A Celebration of the Landscape"

5 stars

Utah -A Celebration of the Landscape
Photography by Tom Till
Text by Brooke Williams
Foreword by Terry Tempest Williams
Fable Valley Pub.
ISBN 0971255539
Available Here

Utah may arguably be called one of the most misunderstood states. When people think of Utah, oftentimes they think of such things as the Great Salt Lake and it's seemingly never-ending desert, or perhaps they think of the great exodus of the Mormons into Utah, or perhaps the scandal of polygamy that continues to plague Utah. Tom Till, however, presents another side of Utah. This side is one of unparralled beauty, richness, and incredible colors.

With 144 oversized pages, "Utah" not only captures the beauty of Utah through Till's photography, but with Brooke Williams' text, the rich cultural history of Utah comes to life. The way the artwork is presented leads the imagination through a wild adventurous tour of Utah. On one page, the stark beauty of the desert is presented, on the next, a waterfall springs to life, alongside rich flowers and plant life.

"Utah" is a must-have not only for residents of Utah, but those who long for Utah, or anyone who loves nature photography. Till's artwork and Williams' text shine in this inspiring celebration of Utah's landscapes.

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