Monday, January 29, 2007

Beadalon ColourCraft Wire

Permanently Colored Copper Craft Wire
Multiple Colors and Gauges available.
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I love good wire. It feels so pliable, cool, and soft in my hands. When I look at it, I dream of all the pretty things that can be made with it. After trying Beadalon wire, I have decided that this is the best of the best. What's so great about Beadalon? Lets see here. It's extremely pliable. It can be bent, straightened, and bent again multiple times, without kinking or becoming disfigured. The color is truly permanent, and no color scratches of, unless you literally take a knife and scratch away at it. However, even then, (and I did try this!), it takes a lot of scratching to pull any color off. ColourCraft comes in many shades, red and sapphire being my favorite. Also, several gauges (size of wire) are available. Chances are, your favorite color and gauge is available. The various gauges available are 28, 26, 24, and 22. If you are new to wire, the smaller a size, the larger the wire. For example, 22 gauge is quite thick, while 28 is rather thin. Gauges 28 and 26 are available in 10 different colors, and 24 and 22 in 9 colors each. Plus, Beadalon has some great features on their website. There is a design and inspiration workshop, and even a "Dr. Beadalon" you can email for help with bead stringing. This has to be the best colored wire I've ever used, and if you love crafting with color, I suggest you use it!

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