Saturday, January 13, 2007

Bonita and Rally - Infant Toys

"Bonita" Infant Clutch Toy"Rally" Infant Clutching Toy

Ages 6 months and up
HABA: Inventive Playthings for Inquisitive Minds
Available Here

Such sweet toys! They are made of beechwood, and have little bells and mirrors. They are child approved... my 1 year old brother likes them both! They seem to be very high quality, not stinky plastic like so many toys are today. The wood is sanded to be super silky and soft, and hence there is no chance of an infant getting splinters. At first, I was a bit concerned about the bells coming off, but after much yanking, pulling, and tugging, I am no longer concerned about this happening. The toys are so very adorable, I, quite honestly, didn't want to share them... they have a great feel to them and have such a sweet, child-like look to them. If you are tired of the typical mass-produced plastic and rubber toys that are so prolific today, try some of the toys from Haba. I highly recommend them!

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