Saturday, January 20, 2007

CD- Love Me Like the Roses by divineMAGgees

Love Me Like the Roses


Critically acclaimed folk duo Cregan Montague and Danielle Tibedo present this wonderful CD, Love Me Like the Roses. Their music is at times light and childlike, at others, deep, rich, and sultry. The music has all the classic folk elements, guitar, fiddle, and lyrics that are deep and meaningful, without becoming entrenched in other genres, such as country and pop, as so many folk artists are apt to do. The beauty of the duo's music shines most clearly in track #1, Little Black Crow. Many of the songs have an almost melancholy, haunting fragility to them, yet, in some tunes, the strength of the bond between Cregan and Danielle is unmistakable. This CD is certainly in my top 10 favorite recent CDs.

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