Sunday, January 07, 2007

Glade Scented Candles - French Vanilla and Clean Linen

Glade Scented Candles

French Vanilla
Clean Linen

These new candles from Glade come in a number of scents. I tried 2, French Vanilla and Clean Linen. The vanilla is a "true" vanilla, without any other undertones that often vanilla candles have. It burns cleanly, and has an excellent "throw". I lit one in our kitchen, and it scented the entire room with rich, warm vanilla fragrance. The wick doesn't need to be trimmed, as many glass-contained candles often do, perhaps because it is a braided linen wick. Many candles have wicks that are just weaved together, or have small strands of cotton, just covered in wax. The Clean Linen smells just as it's name implies, like fresh, clean laundry dried in the sun. It has undertones in a lemony sort of scent. I found it to have a throw even better than the vanilla candle, even when not lit, it scents a room quite well. One thing I especially appreciated about these candles is the easy to remove label. Both back and front labels peel off without leaving any sort of residue. These candles are available at most discount stores, including K-Mart, Target, Wal-Mart, and more.

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