Thursday, January 25, 2007

Glade Trio Scented Oil Candles

Glade Trio
Scented Oil Candles
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Glade brings us a lovely new set of candles, complete with glass stands of various heights. These candles are the first candles I've seen that eliminate the mess and fuss of "normal" candles. You light these candles, and they slowly melt into a pool of liquid wax. The special cotton/metal wick keeps burning, even after the wax is all melted into a pool. This means that the wax keeps burning and releasing scent into the air. The wick literally burns every last drop of oil. I admit, before I tried these candles, I was skeptical. I'd heard that they burned until the oil wax was gone, then they went out, but, of course, I didn't believe that. But, they do, and they don't smoke at all before they go out. The fragrance throw is pretty good for relatively small candles, when all three were lit, our living room and dining room both smelled very good. I should add, when the package is first opened, if you leave them unburned, like on your coffee table, they release an incredible scent, with a very far-reaching throw, for around two weeks. The decorative glass stands are really nice, and have an embossed metal plate inside, which helps melt the oil, and keep the candle from burning out before every last drop has been used. I was very impressed by the throw, decorative value, and the way these candles perform. They come highly recommended!

Available at major discount stores.

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