Monday, January 29, 2007

Handmade Greeting Cards

Handmade Greeting Cards
Prices vary, from single cards for $2 to 6 cards for $12
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Look at this card! So much more personal than something you could pick up at H***m**k or W**-M***! I love this card... right now it's sitting perched in the antennae of my ladybug jar(reviewed below). Looking at it, although I know that it's handcrafted, I can't believe that it is... it could be something you picked up in a fancy gift shop, it's so well-made. The paper is all folded evenly, and all the layers fit together perfectly. It arrived so professionally packaged, in a clear slipbag, with a nice label on the top. My digital camera is on the blink right now, or I'd show you. This card, or any on the same website, would be great for so many purposes... inviting friends out for a night on the town, to accompany a gift, or so many other things. The included envelope is the perfect size for the card, too. Please check out this site, there are so many other, equally lovely cards for any purpose you could ever want!

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