Tuesday, January 16, 2007

KONE Hand Vac from Dirt Devil

KONE by Karim Rashad
Rechargeable Hand Vac
Dirt Devil
Available Here

Every once in a while,you meet a product that is just, well, very cool. That'd be the KONE. It has, for one thing, great aesthetic appeal. It's not your grandma's old red Dirt Devil hand vac that gets hidden in the closet. This is something that you won't mind if it sits out on your counter. I had the privilege of trying a pink Kone. It's a pretty shell pink color. It's 18 inches tall, roughly the size of an average lava lamp. It's pretty lightweight,at only 2 pounds, and the fact that it has a hidden light that, when the unit is plugged in, lights up, makes it that much nicer. The KONE comes in multiple colors, black, white, blue, pink, plum, and champagne, so there should be a color to match any decor and room.

The KONE is simple to use, lift it out of the base, and turn it on by means of a button right on the top of the vac. It holds a charge for quite a long while, for a hand vac, I vacuumed with it for over an hour, and it still was going strong. The great thing about the KONE is that you will most likely always return it to it's base, so you will never need to worry about it being "out of juice" when you may need it. As far as the vacuuming abilities, I tried to vacuum popcorn, staples, shredded paper, and even glass splinters, and it had no problem with any of them. The tapered tip makes it simple to pick up any mess, no matter the size. With a standard three years parts and motor warranty, you can have some peace of mind using the vac.

Can you afford this vac? At $40, how can you not? This vac has as much power as a much more expensive vac, and the look and feel is unbeatable.

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