Tuesday, January 16, 2007

LearningCents Bank for Kids

LearningCents Bank
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Every parent has had one of those days. You know what I mean. You take your sweet little angel shopping. Were you crazy? No, you thought maybe a little maturity had been acquired since the last shopping trip. But, instead, it was the same Mommy, I NEED it! Maybe you tried piggy banks, but even a whole sty full of piggy banks couldn't hide from the hammer (how DID that sweet little one find the hidden hammer, anyways??) used to crack them open and retrieve the precious pennies inside. No longer!

LearningCents presents this new product. It's a bank, but not just any bank. It encourages saving and giving, and even lets the kids spend a bit as well. The bank has three roomy compartments. One is for spending, another is for giving, and the middle compartment is for saving. The compartments have dry-erase labels on top, so you can label the different spaces with a goal amount or what to use the money for. Happily, the compartments are all transparent, so kids can watch as their savings add up.

This is really a great product to assist in teaching kids about money. I appreciate the inclusion of a "share" compartment, to help you encourage your children to share the wealth with those less fortunate. The compartments are easily accessed, with a entry door on the bottom for the middle space, and the lid peels up on the top for the other two compartments. (Think Tupperware here.) I suggest that all families should seriously consider using the LearningCents bank for their families.

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