Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Z Becky Brown Handbags

Z Becky Brown Handbags
Available Here

No more plain, boring, ordinary handbags! With a Z Becky Brown bag, you can change the look and feel of your purse as often as you wish... why not every day? No more having a closet full of bags, only one is enough to match every single outfit! Simply pull out the inserts, and stick in a new insert. The possibilities are endless! You can use that gorgeous scrapbook layout freshly made, photos of family and friends, embroidered cloths, and more. Use scrapbook paper, such as leather-look,and you have a gorgeous faux leather purse, simple as that. Design your bag to match your outfit, or make it a unique reflection of your personality. The bag itself has a clear acrylic outside, which provides great protection for your designs. The latch holds the bag closed securely, and there is a mirror on the inside of the lid... a great touch! Inside the bag is a soft foamy liner, great for keeping everything from rattling around. At about $90, this bag may seem a bit pricey, but hey, imagine how much more you would spend to have a bag to match every outfit! I love my "Z" bag, and I think you'd love one too!

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