Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Brain Games by Radica Games

Brain Games
Ages 8 and Up
Online Prices vary from $24.99 to $39.99
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Games to help improve brain power are everywhere! Radica Games, manufacturer of electronic games of all sizes, shapes, and for all ages, is the latest company to make a game to help increase brain power. The game is fun, with 5 different games, including sequence, flash cards, mind games, word hunt, and recall. While I can't say I feel drastically smarter after playing this game every day, I can feel a small, yet noticeable, difference in how I can remember things. At the price, this is a great way to increase your memory and brain power. The format is pretty simple, and most games are easy to learn. The game itself fits easily in most size hands, and is a great carry-along game to use in any and all downtimes. All in all, this is a very cool game, and a great time-waster, with great benefits. I recommend this to anyone whose memory could use a bit of an exercise, and really, how many of us does that exclude? A great game, and a great price.


Anonymous said...

The biggest problem is figuring out/remembering which buttons on the "keyboard" mean which number or letter. Managing to do this is probably a bigger step to improving brain function. It could have been made easier with a little more thought to design. Also, the "keyboard" buttons are too close together, so you can easily press the wrong one. Again, a design issue.

Anonymous said...

I'm using the game for rehabilitation purposes and it has been somewhat helpful. My complaint: the word hunt game rejects legitimate words. It just rejected "sired" but accepted "dees." Odd. For some reason it doesn't accept two letter words either. Kind of infuriating when you know more English than the "brain game" does and it won't let you answer correctly.
I agree that the design is not the best. The buttons are so tiny and close together that you can easily hit two at once with one finger by mistake.
This unit definitely needs some fine tuning. I'm not ready to recommend it to anyone yet.