Friday, February 23, 2007

The Discovery Channel Presents "American Road Trip - The DVD Game"

American Road Trip DVD Game
1-4 Players
Ages 6-106
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DVD games, while a relatively recent new product, have really hit it off with American families. What better way, then, for families to learn about the many natural and man-made wonders in the US, than by a DVD game?

American Road Trip is quite simple to use. With a TV and DVD player, use the DVD player remote control to answer questions, move between menus, and more. It says that it's meant for 1-4 players, but I can see more people playing this game, by playing in teams.

The premise is simple. Basically, you are playing a board game in 3D. Answer questions correctly, or solve puzzles, etc., and advance. Get it wrong, and you are stuck.

The game is flexible, and has 3 different age categories, so everyone in the family can play. Also, you can pick a game for one, two, three, or four players. Each one player game is relatively short, I finished in around 10 minutes.

The graphics are really nice. There are full color photos of many locations across the US, and the 3D computer-made graphic are really nice.

My test panel had a great time playing this game, and I think we all learned some neat trivia facts. This game will keep anyone occupied for quite some time, and I recommend you add it to your game collection.

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