Wednesday, February 14, 2007

DVD - "Monarchy"

Acorn Media
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As perhaps most Americans, I had a lot of misconceptions about the English royalty. This incredible docu-series clears up a lot of false ideas, and provides an amazing amount of information about the English Crown, dating all the way back to the Dark Ages, when King Alfred the Great stood up to the Vikings, up until the Restoration in the 1600s.

This is a superb series, expertly narrated by historian David Starkey. It's truly amazing what men (and women!) will do for glory, faith, and country. For example, many think of Henry VIII as being a mere womanizer who destroyed the lives of 6 women and their families, but he was much more. He was ruthless against his detractors, forceful against Catholicism, and literally plowed over anyone that stood in the path of his desires and passions.

I highly recommend this DVD set, not only to history buffs, but to anyone that has ever been fascinated by royalty. The costuming is excellent, the audio is pure and rich, and Dr. Starkey is a powerful storyteller. The soundtrack is powerful at times, haunting at others. A very high point of this docu-series is the fact that it is taped on location in Great Britain, and at many times, Dr. Starkey points to visible signs and structures of monarchs long deceased, as well as the books they wrote and wrote in. This DVD, at 317 minutes plus, is well worth the $40 retail price.

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