Thursday, February 22, 2007

DVD- "My Bedbugs, Volume 1"

My Bedbugs, Volume 1
GreeneStuff Inc.
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Finally! An alternative to that big purple dinosaur with green spots! Parents will approve of this DVD, and kids will adore it. Big, colorful bedbugs with cute antennae, dressed in bright, fuzzy jammies, that go on fun-to-watch adventures. Maybe,then, it's no surprise that My Bedbugs has won many awards, including 13 Emmys, 12 Tellys, and winning the National Parenting Seal of Approval. This series is on TV in many markets, but in my area, it isn't, so this was my first experience with the bedbugs.

The episodes included on the DVD are quite varied, and they include one about searching for a lost sock, one about games to play inside while it's raining, and one in which the bugs go on a hunt for pirate treasure.

While this DVD in no way can compare with Sesame Street or like shows, this is a good, educational, cute alternative to shows that get a bit, well, annoying over time. The price is reasonable, and the special features are nice. There's a clip slide show, three songs to sing along with, and episode selector or play all selection.

This is a really sweet DVD, and the kids I watched it with, from ages 3 to 7, all enjoyed it also.

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