Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Keychain Lip Balm Holders

William's Giftshop
Keychain Lip Balm Holders
$5.95 each
Available Here

Aren't these so cute? These lip balm holders are all crocheted by hand, and are very well made. Not a stitch is out of place, and the button is held on very securely. There's plenty of room for a lip balm, and even a dollar or two. William's Giftshop sells many, many different color combos, so you can find a different holder for every outfit! Plus, if you attach your keys to it, how will you ever lose them in that big, deep purse? My holder is lime green on top, black on bottom, with a black button. I adore mine, and have gotten many compliments on it! I think these are great, especially in winter, when lips get chapped so easily, and it can be hard to find lip balm... it hides in nooks and crannies so well! Please visit the website, as they have many other gorgeous items, including card holders, purses, jewelry, scarves, and more.


Shell said...

awesome blog! Feel free to feature me anytime! ;-)

Mrs.Kwitty said...

You have a wonderful blog here!! I am adding you to my "must read" blog list, yeah!! Those little lip balm holder/keychains are adorable.

Smiles, Karen