Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Review of "Author Day for Room 3T"

Author Day for Room 3T
Robin Pulver
Illustrated by Chuck Richards
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Robin Pulver, author of the hilarious "Axel Annie and the Speed Grump",
presents kids with yet another book that will make kids of all ages roll around on the floor, literally laughing their pants off!

Author Day for Room 3T brings us to a class that is very, very excited... they are going to have a chance to meet their favorite author, Harry Bookman! Naturally, since Mr. Bookman writes amazing books, he must be an amazing person. The class really gets into planning for the visit, re-reading all his books, drawing pictures, making up songs, even dressing up as his characters and acting out his stories for the kindergarten class. Even though the librarian, the aptly named Mrs. Storey, tells the class that Mr. Bookman is an "ordinary (person), like you and me", the class doesn't believe it. If all authors are ordinary people, why fuss and bother over them?

When a surprise visitor hops through the window into the library, the kids are certain it's Mr. Bookman. Never mind that he throws his ice cubes everywhere, jumps up and down on furniture, and even swings from the ceiling. The kids are certain that this chimp-like critter is the one, the only, Henry Bookman!

Robin Pulver's fantastic story couples marvelously with Chuck Richards' hilarious illustrations. Every picture is so in-depth, with even the posters on the wall being incredibly detailed. This book will appeal not only to kids, but also those of us that have always viewed authors as being people of near-mythical status. I highly recommend this book as a must for every well-equipped bookshelf.

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