Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Review of "The Story of Cherry the Pig"

The Story of Cherry the Pig
Written and Illustrated by Utako Yamada
Kane/Miller Books
Available Here

Does anyone else remember The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton? That book was , and is, one of my favorite children's books. The illustrations are warm, cheery, and there are small hidden treats to discover in every picture. When I first opened Cherry the Pig, I was struck by the illustrations, so similar to Burton's in, not subject matter, but the love that went into them, and the bright colors, warmth, and the hidden mice on nearly every page.

The Story of Cherry the Pig tells the tale of a dessert-loving pig. She creates a delicious apple cake, and decides to enter the cake in the Fall Festival Bake-Off. While baking her cake during the competition, Cherry hears the mice that reside in her kitchen say how incredibly awful the cake is. Cherry is heartbroken, but finishes her cake. The end results, and Cherry's actions with the mice, will delight and amuse children and adults alike. This is a very sweet, fun book, and the illustrations and story will brighten up the most dreary of days.

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