Monday, February 12, 2007

Silk Hair Jewelry

Silk Hair Jewels
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$6 - $10

Gorgeous! That's all I can say after seeing these hair jewels. They are made of authentic Japanese silk fabric that is used to make kimonos. The technique used is to make exquisite hair "jewelry" for the apprentice geisha. The resulting flowers are utterly amazing. I tried the following lavender flower:Isn't she pretty? These would look great as accessories for a flower girl, or even for a night out on the town. The flowers come on stick pins, hair snaps, barrettes, and as a brooch. I love mine, and my sisters think that it is a special treat to have a chance to wear it. There are sooo many colors available, that you could reasonably have a different flower to match every outfit. The shipping is very reasonable, around $2 for first item, and a bit less for each additional item. The shoppe also sells handmade silk purses , beautiful jewelry, and the most adorable tiny origami stars, which are great as packing material, gifts, etc. Look at these:
They are small, and ever so lovely. They are folded by a German engineer, which likely explains how they are made so precisely.

All of the items sold in this shoppe are incredibly well-made and lovely. Enjoy!

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