Friday, February 23, 2007

Wee Gallery Baby Flash Cards

Wee Gallery Baby Flash Cards
Smart Art for Little Minds
$12.95 per set
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Aren't these just sooo adorable? These are sets of flash cards for babies. Each has a high-contrast black and white picture of an animal, along with the name of the critter. They are reversible, one side is primarily black with white accents, and the other side is primarily white with black accents. They are quite sturdy, and resist "sucking" damage, and the corners don't rip off easily. Of course, they aren't meant to be chewed on, but if they are, damage doesn't occur too easily.

There are many uses for these cards, and they are well worth their $12.95 price. They are nice for when a toddler gets to where he or she can start recognizing animals, so use them like a flash card and let the toddler identify the animals. Place them in baby's crib, out of reach of course, and let baby have something to gaze at. Studies have found that babies are drawn to high-contrast black and white images, and these are cute enough for the pickiest mom to love. They also make great nursery decorations when baby is small, or bedroom decorations when baby get bigger. They are instant attention grabbers, and I get many "aww, sooo cute!" when visitors come into my office. My favorite set is the "Garden Set" sweet! I love these, and I think you (and baby!) will love these too!

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