Friday, March 23, 2007

Handcrafted Cat Toys

Handcrafted Catnip "Love Sock"
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$9 or $12

After searching high and low for the perfect cat toy, I have found it. This Catnip Love Sock is specially made for optimum kitty enjoyment.

With 1/2 rabbit fur, 1/2 faux fur, ribbons, feathers, and a hefty dose of catnip, I was interested to see how my cat, Tia, would react. She's had limited exposure to catnip, and has never seemed interested in cat toys before, but I thought I'd give it a try. I waited until she came meowing into the kitchen, begging for her umpteenth can of food for the day. Instead of popping open the kitty chow, I tossed the Catnip Love Sock on the floor in front of her, and stood back. Tia went absolutely crazy! She began purring and batting the sock around in every direction. She tackled it, she tossed it, she actually shook it side to side with her mouth, like a dog would do to an unlucky squirrel.

I was so impressed! Even after the initial catnip high went down, Tia returned to the toy over and over again to play with the feathers and strings. Tia hasn't played with this toy much for the last couple of weeks, but then, she's a new mommy! 5 kittens seems to have taken her play time away. I'm looking forward to seeing the kittens try out the Catnip Love Sock, when they are a bit older. I highly recommend this super cat toy!


Carrie said...

My cats love Inquisitive's cat toys, as well. The Dust Bunzilla is as awesome as the Love Sock. These are certainly no cheesy, chintzy cat toys and are worth every single penny. The seller is really cool, too, and ships fast.

Anonymous said...

you HAVE to try Circle Pet Products cat toys!! they are all hand made in america! have tons of catnip and thier "cats in Truffle"are the greatest!!!

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