Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Review of "Grass IS Green... But Beyond Reach"

Grass IS Green... But Beyond Reach
Sylvia Marri Stone
Available Here

Short Summary:
Gianna Fagan is a typical teenager in many ways, yet, in others, she's very unique. She enjoys many ordinary activities, is awesome in sports, and tries to heal the strife in her family. She has a big problem, though. At times, her body will literally lock up and paralyze her. She falls to the ground and her only means of communication is via blinking. Eventually, Gianna's illness brings the family together.

What Makes This Book Good?

It's an interesting story, and at 96 pages, a quick beach read.

What Did I Not Like About This Book?

It needs a hefty dose of editing.
The story seems a bit implausible, the heroine is a bit too, well, perfect.

Shaley's Verdict:

This book has potential, but needs some assistance to truly shine.

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