Saturday, March 24, 2007

You Stink Soap

You Stink
Handcrafted Soaps and More
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I've found a great source for handcrafted soap. You Stink soap not only smells great, but the varied colors and patterns make the soap as beautiful as it is useful. The lather is quite impressive for handmade soap. It's sort of a light, fluffy, airy lather. When I first received my sample soaps from You Stink, the soap was still a little soft. The scent was pretty powerful, which made it awesome for a bubble bath. Just hold it under running water for a great rich bubble bath. Now that I've had my samples for a few weeks, the soap has really hardened up, and now it makes an excellent hand and body soap. The scent is lighter, but still really yummy. My favorite soap from You Stink is the Garden Mint.

You Stink sells sample sizes for testing, 5 one ounce bars for $5. If you discover what scent(s) you like the best, you can stock up with 6 extra-large bars for $25. These bars are great for scenting your linens gently. Once the bars are fully hardened (pushing on them leaves no mark), they don't seem to leak color on anything they are set on. Try You Stink out... you won't "stink" anymore!

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